Day 12 – SEE to remember – 21 Day Challenge

Today I share an insight in how to use memory systems that apply to remember names, something difficult, to remembering to do PD, something that just isn’t sticky.

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Transcript of SEE to remember video:

Welcome to day number 12 the 21-day challenge more than halfway well done.  Today I wanted to continue on the memory thing which is something that I’m reading a lot about at the moment I just picked up a couple more books that I’m gonna power through and it’s really exciting space actually.

To actually improve your memory, to be able to remember more things is so incredible and when I decided that I wanted to be have a better memory, which I did about two or three years ago, and I started taking supplements and thinking about things and now I’m looking at these strategies in these books which I hadn’t come across before and oh my god it’s amazing how effective they can be.

I’m just going to talk about this SEE principle that I have started to implement and how it’s working for me so just to explain what it is see it’s a it’s an acronym S is about the senses so we use our olfactory we use our sense of taste our hearing and of course feeling and our sight which is our main one.  Now when we try and remember something what we want to do is actually use all the senses as many as possible.  Then you need to really experience it, E is experienced that and then if you can you want to extrapolate it, exaggerate it make it huge make it weird make it different and unique when you start to apply these this SEE principle to trying to remember something then you remember anything if you want to remember a name you can remember it.

I’m going to talk more about remembering names using the SEE principle in the next video that’s all I’m going to share for this video because I want to keep it short like always nice and short.

We’re going to address the C principle and how to use it or how I’ve used it in a couple of weeks since I’ve even heard about it and in the next video so I’ll see you then have a good one.

Recommendations this video:

  • Unlimited Memory – Kevin Horsley – get it on Amazon AUS   UK  US

Recommendations so far:

  • Four Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss  – get it on Amazon AUS   UK  US
  • Tools of Titans – Tim Ferriss – get it on Amazon AUS   UK  US
  • Four Hour Body- Tim Ferriss  – get it on Amazon AUS   UK  US
  • Wave Apps – great free book keeping/ categorising software that you can use for your personal life too.  Highly recommend it, free and good support.  Can run multiple businesses from it, or even a single person keeping an eye on where all that money went 😉
  • Pocketsmith  –  a subscription service that does the same job, has a lot more bells and whistles that are good if you like the pictures/ graphs and the like – more powerful auto categorisation engine.
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