Are EVs the answer to Humans Thriving on Planet Earth?

I wrote the below as a comment on this post from a confused person talking rubbish about EVs. But I also just listened to Doughnut Economics and a US Podcast about this very topic, and it really made me think this:

I wanted to point out that the “elephant in the room” is that we are all focusing so hard on EVs that we are forgetting that using a personal vehicle to get around, and designing cities to accommodate the big metal beasts driving, parking and now charging is actually a problem.

A commenter said “15 minute cities, public transport and “active travel”” like it was a problem – when in reality this is what we need to thrive as humans! You only need to look at the thriving people in the “blue zones” to see that active people are healthier, live longer and they eat clean and live clean too – being a part of their community.
Walking, cycling and using PT for longer journeys enables that. It is not about “elites” owning vehicles – but communities owning a few vehicles for the times you want/ need to visit someone that isn’t in your city/ town.

Maybe looking at EVs vs ICE is like looking at “Growth” instead of “Humanity thriving” as the lead indicator of the economic standing of our country?
Should the question be framed more in the how do we make ourselves thrive department, instead of how can I get somewhere faster, in more comfort, and interacting with as few people as possible?
Some people might just be remembering being picked on in school a little to often in their adult lives maybe?

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