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Japan Flood

Yesterday I had a dilemma. Another Ethical dilemma.
A few years back I had one, a food related one, now I have faced the fact that travel for pleasure is just not viable.

I was planning to holiday in Japan for skiing in February.
But then the weather in the Northern Hemisphere reminded me of my previous dilemma, that the way I ate was causing mass extinction, destruction of habitat and enormous emissions. Let alone the absolute cruelty that is the modern animal ag industrial complex.

On reading several posts starting with Protons, and then Bill’s investigating further the news and statistics on the current state of the Northern Hemisphere heat waves.

It became apparent that another flying holiday was just not on the table! So I am taking a pledge. I will not fly for a holiday for at least 7 more years.

Last year I flew to Perth and France for a holiday (from the UK)
So as per this Take the Jump Pledge site, which I have signed. I will not fly for leisure for another 7 years.
Instead catching the train or PT to a local attraction, or in my case mountain.

I cannot live with the guilt of not doing everything in my power to ensure we reduce our emissions as a people, my part in that is my pledge.

So I now
Personal Pledges
– Eat plant based to reduce emissions
– Drive an EV for work, walk or PT for leisure
– Shop in bulk stores, reducing plastic
– Always carrying a reusable cup and bottle
– Fly for holidays once every 8 years (Australia is always long haul)
– Live in low energy home
– Reduce energy usage at home as much as possible

Work Pledges
– Invest in reducing energy consumption
– Invest in renewable energy generation
– Always offset flights with SAF purchase or real! Carbon Credits

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Over the last 6 years I have managed to find the love of my life and create a family, create a successful business and know when to quit (maybe a bit late) and moved into a lifestyle of investing. Currently working on a passive income to replace my previous income, we are about 50% of the way towards it) I am passionate about helping guys become more fullfilled in their life by addressing micro problems one at a time in the sphere of Health, Wealth and Wisdom.

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