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My wife and I run a property development business blog, we call it JC Holdings.  The blog is at jcholdings.properties. We have written for 2 years (as at Apr 2019) on the experiences of building a property empire, projects looked at, deals assessed and dropped, all sorts of things that you might need to know about the property game as a beginner, and also all the reports on our track record as a developer as we report to our investors.

Key Project Links

Walter Rd – 7 Bed HMO – commercial office to HMO/ Resi
With posts on finding funds, finding a builder, being mucked around by a builder, finding tenants and filling the HMO.

Gwendonline St – 4 bed HMO – house to HMO development with planning
With posts on Finding projects, builders, funds and new investors and planning approval.

Blodwen St – simple resi flip, switched to SA
With posts on finding project, builders, funds, agents and trying to sell. Then running an SA, back up plans etc.

Swansea Rd – Land Development/ title split and extension.  Including planning, appeals, learning to manage sub contractors and expectations
With posts on finding project, planning, architects, appeal and selling the land and house deals.

Interesting articles on JC Holdings

We recorded a pitch video for our commercial conversions seed funding investors, sorry not public, this is just a tease :)
Sorry not a public video, just a tease…

Specialising in Commercial Conversions – Our decision to focus on this type of development

Area Analysis – Swansea – Demographic analysis of areas we invested in

Area Analysis – Port Talbot – Demographic analysis of areas we invested in

Pet sitting for 2 years – living rent free, travelling and having space to learn and focus on the business and ourselves.


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Over the last 6 years I have managed to find the love of my life and create a family, create a successful business and know when to quit (maybe a bit late) and moved into a lifestyle of investing. Currently working on a passive income to replace my previous income, we are about 50% of the way towards it) I am passionate about helping guys become more fullfilled in their life by addressing micro problems one at a time in the sphere of Health, Wealth and Wisdom.

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