Day 11 – Doing something difficult – 21 Day Challenge

Today I share an insight in how to use memory systems that apply to remember names, something difficult, to remembering to do PD, something that just isn’t sticky.

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Transcript of doing something difficult video:

Welcome to day number 11 bit of a change of scenery here and I’m here to

congratulate you on getting this far.  How you go so far has it been really quite difficult adding something new into your routine tends to be quite difficult.   I think I’ve got a solution to that and I’m just going to explain a little story.  I’ve been reading this book called unlimited memory at the moment by Kevin Horsley now I generally forget names in in moments particularly of authors particularly of random books that somehow got onto my Kindle but this book has been so immensely helpful one of the chapters was called how to remember a name and of course it reminded me of the author’s name we had forgotten at that stage and now I remember it because of the way he explained it to me taking something from your long term memory and associating it to the name and doing it in a funny unique way just something I already knew about memory as well using unique and funny really helps.   This is my insight and challenge for you today is to add something like this into your routine every day so you can and the way to do that is to actually connect it to something else that you do every day ok so maybe you have a coffee every morning at 10 o’clock or at 7 a.m. whatever time it is whatever time that is what I want you to do is associate this little bit of personal development time to that activity.

That is the way you’re going to make it through this to share this video at the beginning as well because it’s something that just came up for me and I wanted to share it now.  But for you I want you to watch this before you do the 21 day challenge so that you go oh I’m going to associate this this little challenge every day to something that you already do every day and that way to do this you’ll also be doing when you do this thing that you do everyday you’ll then automatically associate it to this new habit that you are forming and that way you’ll be actually actioning these little challenges okay that’s the challenge for today that’s all I’ll see you in the next video.

Recommendations so far:

  • Four Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss  – get it on Amazon AUS   UK  US
  • Tools of Titans – Tim Ferriss – get it on Amazon AUS   UK  US
  • Four Hour Body- Tim Ferriss  – get it on Amazon AUS   UK  US
  • Wave Apps – great free book keeping/ categorising software that you can use for your personal life too.  Highly recommend it, free and good support.  Can run multiple businesses from it, or even a single person keeping an eye on where all that money went 😉
  • Pocketsmith  –  a subscription service that does the same job, has a lot more bells and whistles that are good if you like the pictures/ graphs and the like – more powerful auto categorisation engine.
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