Businesses – Craig has been in some form of business since the age of 17. He started selling computer peripherals like modems and mice to teachers at school.  Craig previous to that was the highest fund raiser for his Scouting group several years in a row, and always the highest in his class at school from selling chocolates door to door – in country Victoria (where the doors are at least 70 metres apart).

Current businesses

Principal / CEO

Middle Park Projects (MPP) / Lambie & Partners (LPL) – Commercial to Resi conversions, project management and deal sourcing and investment – a summary post about the two here, the MPP business site
JCatHome – Serviced Accommodation management and HMO Tenant management – a summary post here, the business website here


JC Holdings – Our property investment company and blog – a summary post about it here, the blog site here


Together Capital – Jun’s Peer to Peer (P2P) capital raising/ funding business – summary post here, the business site here

Previous Businesses

As we learn and grow, we need to make the decision to shut down businesses. Especially things that are stealing focus from what you really want to achieve.

Craig – The Coach

The blog on this website has some elements of coaching embedded into it. As a trained Business and Life coach and previous member of the ABNLP, Craig has over 10 years of coaching experience. However he decided to stop offering coaching as the marketing time was taking to much focus away from the property businesses.  As a great coach once said to him, an old style stove is your limit – 4 burners, 2 small back burners and 2 large front burners. So this had to go. Craig uses coaching in every transaction and relationship, and hopes that it inspires and persuades people to be the greatest they can be.

CTO Auspicious Arts Incubator

Running the Auspicious Arts Incubator with John Paul Fischbach was an incredible experience. It allowed Craig to grow and develop as a coach. Also embed online marketing and sales systems into the already technical mind of his. As well as meet hundreds of amazing people clients and similar. Craig is so proud of his coaching clients that are inspiring others. They are creating amazing art and business, breaking barriers. They are making a living from their creativity and influencing their community in amazing ways that only artists can.