Starting out with a health focus

getting started with health

So I was chatting with a guy about my age, single and self employed recently. He was talking about a health issue and the need to actually “do something” about your health. But where to start?

Getting started really is the hardest thing, so where I wrote this to him, and someone else in my life might find this useful, so I have converted it into a blog post too.

First set your expectations low. Create really easy to achieve goals – like “do this once a week for 3 weeks”. This will help you mentally achieve this and not write it off like so many do the gym in February. Micro goals that build on one another.  Then, I have tried to set this out a little for you below – an idea of how to start.

Food & Drinks

A really place to start is to start drinking a bulletproof coffee, beginners recipe as below, once, maybe twice a day. Latest 3pm for last coffee. This is easy, and starts bringing your body across to using fats for fuel – start to help the brain focus and gain clarity – clear the “fog” we get around the mid 30s1, mostly from excess carbs or bad carbs like processed food.

Eating Window

In a couple of days, you can go “that was easy”. Now try combining this with keeping eating window to a max of 10 hours.  Ie. start eating 2 around 10am to 8pm → at least finish 10 hours after you start – so no snacking/ drinking wine/beer after dinner. What is your vice I guess?

To begin with, just try this on 2 or 3 week days per week. Work up to 5 days a week – amazing benefits3


Once you have these couple of things under your belt, after a few days, or a couple of weeks, time to try something else. Add 10 minutes of exercise into your week. I recommend choosing a day and time that you can try to form a habit around. It might be Monday before work, or Tuesday after work.

I am asking for 10 minutes only – can you afford 10 minutes for your health? (if you answer no, as Tony Robbins says “if you don’t have f*king 10 minutes for yourself, you don’t have a life”)

In that 10 minutes I recommend chucking on some shorts, and put the TV on and do one (just one) of these workouts:

The playlist gets harder as you work your way down… but the first few are great – Julianne from Boho beautiful is lovely to look at, sounds nice and production quality is great and it is relatively easy to do.

Change it up and do a different one each time, or repeat the same one – whatever works for you.

See how you go with those 3 things.

Max impact 15 minutes per day.  Low, easy to achieve goals is key when you are starting out. Be happy to fail – give yourself 10 chances to restart this until you get it. Forming a new habit is hard, and can take from 21 to 60 days. You might need an incentive to do it at first too. So reward yourself every time you get a part done. The aim is to set the habit at first, the rewards can drop back once the habit is formed.4 

BulletProof/ Fat Coffee beginner recipe

Add together in a blender5 and blitz for 10-15 seconds so all the good oils emulsify with the coffee and you get a lovely latte looking drink that is beautiful and sweet – no sweetner required.

Can’t drop the sugar?

If you are struggling to drop the need for sweetness, try this low calorie, low impact sweetner, 1for1 with sugar – Erythritol is great, and we use it for heaps of things.

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Over the last 6 years I have managed to find the love of my life and create a family, create a successful business and know when to quit (maybe a bit late) and moved into a lifestyle of investing. Currently working on a passive income to replace my previous income, we are about 50% of the way towards it) I am passionate about helping guys become more fullfilled in their life by addressing micro problems one at a time in the sphere of Health, Wealth and Wisdom.

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  1. Check out research by Dr Longo, Dr Boz, and writers Dave Asprey, Naomi Whittel
  2. Eating is essentially covering anything that will affect your metabolism, insulin or stomach reaction, so anything but water is “eating” – some argue Water with ACV, salt and lemon is okay – and I usually drink 2-3 cups of hot water with this in it every day.  ACV: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with “the mother”
  3. Check out Satchin Panda’s research on circadian rhythm and eating times, maybe even go to the level of doing his trial via app experiment if you really get into this health thing – def not at first :)
  4. Check out “Don’t shoot the dog” by Karen Pryor for ways to use Positive reinforcement to “train” yourself
  5. We got this blender for the glass jug and the spice blender, is great. A bullet would work too for 1 cup I think.

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