Reading: Don’t shoot the dog by Karen Pryor

Just started this book, Don’t shoot the dog, by Karen Pryor. Recommended by Tim Ferriss.

When I have done reading it I will edit this post with some reflections and feedback 🙂


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Over the last 6 years I have managed to find the love of my life and create a family, create a successful business and know when to quit (maybe a bit late) and moved into a lifestyle of investing. Currently working on a passive income to replace my previous income, we are about 50% of the way towards it) I am passionate about helping guys become more fullfilled in their life by addressing micro problems one at a time in the sphere of Health, Wealth and Wisdom.

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  1. […] have also been looking in more, looking at my behaviour (as well as my diet). The Don’t shoot the dog book was all about this too funnily enough, and a great complement for the physical behaviour […]

  2. […] Max impact 15 minutes per day.  Low, easy to achieve goals is key when you are starting out. Be happy to fail – give yourself 10 chances to restart this until you get it. Forming a new habit is hard, and can take from 21 to 60 days. You might need an incentive to do it at first too. So reward yourself every time you get a part done. The aim is to set the habit at first, the rewards can drop back once the habit is formed.5  […]

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