FMD follow up – now doing IF

After a week of FMD, the follow up.  I have now reverted to IF. I am trying a different type of IF going forward – a OMAD style. Two fat coffees across the day and eating dinner with E after school – now we don’t eat lunch together.

Some great info on fasting by Dr Mindy Pelz.

The results of FMD are overall a feeling of increased energy and overall focus is improved too. I have similar if not better strength when doing Wim Hoff Method (WHM) shelf and other exercises. A combination of the WHM and the FMD have allowed me to feel far more in control of my body than ever before. For example when doing a headstand, in the past I would be quite out of control when kicking up. In the last 2-3 weeks I have noticed the ability to slowly raise my legs up to position, and I can stay there, stable for longer. The FMD only improved that situation.

I don’t have the right tools to do “scientific” measurements unfortunately, I do wish I had the right equipment to do experiments and tests with more scientific results, but for now I am happy with the current arrangements.


My health stuff wish list

Keto Mojo ketone/ glucose meter – to do experiments

Infrared Sauna – studies have shown men that sauna 2-3 times a week live 20% longer

Keto bars from Perfect Keto or KetoSource



Soy a big question that I have is the effect of soy or soy products on the body, given that some camps say soy causes inflammation / estrogen issues and others (vegan community) say it is perfectly healthy for you. Especially organic fermented soy (our tofu).  Given a lot of “fake” meat is made with soy or mycoprotein I am most interested to know an independent bit of research that is conclusive for me at least – this is an interesting read on Soy from Dr Mark Hyman that topic with a link to a research article I will put on my list.

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