Trying: FMD – Fasting Mimicking Diet

Following many videos from Dr Berg and more recently Dr Mindy Pelz and previous videos and blogs from Dr Boz and Dr Rhonda Patrick. I have decided to try the Dr Longo Fast Mimicking Diet (FMD) for 5 days to do a “metabolic reset”.

I tried to do the FMD last week, and it ended up being a prep week as I missed all targets everyday. The FMD is a high fat, low protein, moderate carb diet where you eat between 700-1100 calories, mimicking a fasted state. Being in ketosis at a high level too, using fats for fuel mostly.

Last week I thought it would be easy, I would just cut back to OMAD everyday (not just on IF days like I have been doing in the past; 3 days a week)

I installed an app called Carb Manager, put in my meals for a couple of days. I realised that I needed to cut out a lot of calories for this to work, mostly from the butter in my coffee it seems, but also protein from eggs and measuring it out from the veg more carefully focusing on higher carb veg like sweet potato too.

A screen shot of my Carb Manager for FMD FMD Carb Manager planned eating FMD Carb Manager Dinner plan FMD total for the day

Overall it is a difficult task to change habits mostly. I am into day 2 of my second try for a 5 day FMD. Day one I was only a little over the targets.

Carbs 26g – under
Protein 32g – over
Fats 111g – way over
Fibre – 35g – good

Acronyms in nutrition world
OMAD – One Meal A Day
FMD – Fasting Mimicking Diet
IF – Intermittent Fasting
Keto – short for Ketosis, the state where your brain is powered by high levels of ketones


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