Wim Hoff Method WHM – Becoming the Ice Man

Craig Lambie sitting in an English garden in shorts and t-shirt

About 15 weeks ago I started the Wim Hoff “classic” 10 week program. The WHM is about combining a specific breathing technique along with cold exposure and certain exercises.

I am happy to report that I have had good effects from the program, and continue to do the breathing, exercises and cold exposure almost every day.

My new morning routine looks like this. Up without alarm between 0530 and 0700 – depending on quality of sleep, time going to be etc… usually sleep for 7 hrs and 10-15 minutes (well that is the sweet spot).

I then clean my teeth with my left hand (still crossing my brain, thanks Jimmy Kwik) and wash my face with freezing cold water.

Cold exposure

I now go and sit in the garden and do my 5 minute journal, which actually takes me about 10 minutes as I really get into feeling each thing I am grateful for, and imagine my future, manifest the life I want.

All this in shorts and t-shirt, with socks and gloves on – I might look funny, but it really works to keep extremities protected from frost bite, while giving the body some good cold exposure time. Total 10-15 minutes.

Craig Lambie doing cold exposure, putting on socks, wearing shorts and t-shirt
Protecting the extremities from the cold
Craig Lambie writing his diary at 630am, outside in shorts and t-shirt in England
Writing my diary at 630am, outside in shorts and t-shirt in England in Spring


I then come inside and do the WHM breathing, this can take up to 20 minutes (depending on what else I have on that day, it can be as quick as 5 minutes). I commonly do 3 rounds of the breathing and retention, if I sit up to do it, I get between 1:46 to 2:35 retention times (holding breath). If I lie down I can usually get 2:20 to 3:10 retention times. I have yet to decide if the strain of sitting is better to train for, or the longer retention times is better – have asked in the WHM community and done some searching. A decision needs to be made here. [Edit: Since writing that, I have found that the community believes you should go with what you feel works for you and your body – so I have stopped using a timer altogether now.]


I then do the exercises at least 5 days of the week. This involves basic yoga positions, so I am very familiar with the routine. Given I have been practising yoga for 15+ years. My flexibility and strength has greatly improved from doing this program. I can easily do the “shelf” and bird positions now, it is very easy to stretch too – I have made more progress using this method towards my splits than ever before. It is a slow, but determined effort to get to that level of flexibility.

Craig Lambie doing WHM (Wim Hoff Method) breathing Craig Lambie working towards the splits - WHM exercises

Craig Lambie doing the WHM shelf
The “shelf”
Craig Lambie doing the WHM - Headstand


As a result of this renewed strength and ability, I have been considering doing another Marathon. This year – maybe Athens, or wait till next year. A running buddy would encourage me, but so far I haven’t found someone willing to take it on.

So, want to join me?


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