Day 20 – Relationships – 21 Day Challenge

Today I shared some of the insights into our relationships I have had over the last 18 months of working with my wife and step son in a foreign country while building a new business and house sitting.  Home schooling, walking dogs, moving oh and starting a new business.

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 Transcript of Relationships video:

Welcome to day 20 of the 21-day challenge if you don’t know what that is it’s almost over but there’s a link in the description.   Maybe you’re seeing this for the first time you could start at the beginning.

Today I want to talk about relationships, now to share some stories, I am married almost five years. The last year we’ve been living working in very close quarters together, so my wife likes to say that the last year has been like five years.  It’s pretty intense and just want to share a couple of ideas that we’ve had that have allowed us to work together seriously 24/7.  The three of us my wife, and my stepson, homeschooling.  We have been house-sitting, we have been travelling a lot.  Moving about all over the UK mostly, but just spent the last two months in Australia.  Mostly moving between England and KL.   We’ve been moving around a lot and there’s have been some pretty intense times with work pressure on Jun and I.  The homesickness coming from Ethan.

We’re still working on this.   We’ve been able to to find time special time where we can all be together and not have to think about anything else.

Special relationship time together

For us we eat and then there’s usually about 30 or 45 minutes of time where we can hang out, we don’t we don’t watch television together, so what we  actually do is we’ll play cards.  When you play you’re interacting with you with each other.  You look at one another, you’re talking to one another you actually can connect with another person.  We play 500, this is an opportunity to talk to one another, to look at one another.

I highly recommend spending these times, these dinners, these card games that we have.   We might even read together.  These have been really special times and that has been a real help in allowing us to maintain a relationship with one another.

I recommend finding something that you can do together okay if you’re if you don’t have any kids then find something that you and your partner love to do and do it on a regular basis.

So as I love to hear from some of the people I follow on YouTube love and light to you.

I’ll see you on the next video Cheers.


500 Card game

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