Day 19- Meditation – 21 Day Challenge

Today I shared the hard road I travelled to understand meditation – you know it is beneficial, but to actually quiet the mind to that degree for a long period of time, it was difficult, but I am starting to see results now.

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Transcript of Meditation video:

Welcome to day number 19 of the 21-day challenge if you don’t know what it that is check the link in the description.  Well done for coming this far and thank you for joining me and allowing me to share this content with you.  I am really enjoying the journey so far and I can’t thank you enough.

Today I want to talk about meditation.   Meditation is something that I was introduced to people have talked about it 20 years ago I was doing it in yoga and I didn’t really understand it and it’s probably taken me years.  I can’t even imagine how to describe the journey I’ve gone through to come to where I am now but I’m I want to tell you it was it was a hard journey to understand it.   I think it was the nail on the head wa probably a Tim Ferriss podcast interview with one of one of the CEOs that I really respect, I remember that it might have been Tim Ferriss, it could have been Freakonomics one of the CEOs where they were talking about how meditation was a big part of their morning routine.

Being Quiet?

I could never like take the time to fit meditation to sit still and be quiet for five minutes let alone you know 15-20 minutes into my day.  When I eventually found a way of doing that I started with just a couple of minutes I just like I made the decision: I am gonna figure this out I am gonna learn how to do this I am going to figure out how to meditate because all these benefits that  people are talking about.  Benefits that carry over into your day about being more calm being able to handle emotional situations better without blowing up.  Which I still do but getting better managing it better and look you know relationships our improving life is changing a little bit by little bit.

I’ve only been properly meditating on saying for about a year maybe a bit over a year I’ve been properly getting 15-20 minutes of meditation into my mornings.  In fact I only just am moving from the 15 to 20 minute mark.  I started with 2 minutes.

Styles of meditation

I tried all sorts of different ones transcendental, music, guided, classical music.   I tried waterfalls, then 528 Hertz 468 Hertz or whatever these different frequencies that you can have.  So many different ones.

I’ve created a bit of a playlist to help.  There is two playlists in the description one is sort of some sleep ones that I’ve really enjoyed.  If I wake up in the middle of night and I might be a bit anxious or worried I’ll put one of those on go back to sleep, it’s fantastic. The other ones I’ve shared there’s a bunch that go from five up to 20 minutes at the most that are a whole different variety of guided and music based meditations that really really helped me.

I hope that they will help you – that is my story about meditation I’m not going to share all the benefits because I’m sure you know those already all I can say is if you haven’t tried it please do it’s awesome.

Okay I’ll see you in the next video.


My meditation Youtube playlist

My sleep inducing meditation Youtube playlist

Tim Ferriss podcast

Freakonomics podcast

Recommendations so far:

  • Unlimited Memory – Kevin Horsley – get it on Amazon AUS   UK  US
  • Four Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss  – get it on Amazon AUS   UK  US
  • Tools of Titans – Tim Ferriss – get it on Amazon AUS   UK  US
  • Four Hour Body- Tim Ferriss  – get it on Amazon AUS   UK  US
  • Wave Apps – great free book keeping/ categorising software that you can use for your personal life too.  Highly recommend it, free and good support.  Can run multiple businesses from it, or even a single person keeping an eye on where all that money went 😉
  • Pocketsmith  –  a subscription service that does the same job, has a lot more bells and whistles that are good if you like the pictures/ graphs and the like – more powerful auto categorisation engine.
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