Day 18 – Morning Routine – 21 Day Challenge

Today I share my morning routine that leads to my successful day starting 7 hours after I go to sleep.  Every day I feel great, feel like I achieved something and my body does what I tell it to thanks to this routine.

More on the 21 day challenge here. [icegram campaigns=”118″]

Morning Routine – The quick list

  1. Wake up naturally – sleep post (day 29)
  2. Clean teeth with left hand – break your brain post (day 25)
  3. Drink hot lemon and salt water
  4. Meditate – Mind over matter post (day 19)
  5. Read 10-30 minutes – Self Development post (day 5)
  6. Exercise 4+ minutes – Health Focus post (day 7)
  7. Cold Shower – Cold shower post (day 17)
  8. 1 hard task – Eat the frog post (day 27)
  9. Bulletproof coffee after 10am – Time restricted eating post (day 23) and Bulletproof coffee post (day 15)

Transcript of Morning Routine video:

Welcome to day number 18 well done for making it this far on the 21-day challenge go you and thank you for being here.   It is a real pleasure to be able to give you this information and hopefully serve you a little bit.

Today I want to share a little story about my morning routine I’m going to go through this fairly quickly and in the comments I in the description even I will leave a link to all the videos that describe part of this morning routine. I will be adding to that after this 21 day challenge because I think it’s really important I did a video for this and it just was editing it just now and it was too long so I couldn’t try and keep it short and sharp for this 21 day challenge. You can go on and explore different parts as you feel the need for the different parts.

My morning routine, this is how I start the day – I wake up when I wake up.  I generally don’t wake up to an alarm sometimes I do, but generally I try and wake up just naturally seven hours after I go to bed.  So it’s I time when I go to bed and go to sleep and I’ve got a very good end of day routine as well, that’s another story.  Once I’m up I go to the bathroom then I clean my teeth.  I clean my teeth with my left hand I’ll tell you a bit more about that in another video, but it’s a cool thing from Jimmy Kwik, another coach.

Then I will go downstairs I’ll find a quiet spot and I’ll meditate.  That’s tomorrow’s video talking about meditation.  Once I finished meditating, usually about 10-15 minutes at the moment, I’ll talk about it tomorrow.  Then I will sit down with a big cup of water and I’ll read I’ll read a minimum of 10 minutes something nonfiction something really in-depth knowledge.  I really appreciate the whole reading thing I’ve talked about it before and I will talk about it again because it is a really important part of increasing our knowledge,  I’m going to talk about reading more in another video.  Once I’ve read for 10 or 20 minutes and drunk a big cup of water maybe 2, I might talk about that in another video as well.   Then I will generally do some kind of workout minimum of 4 minutes up to 25 minutes, 30 minutes or 40 minutes depending on the day availability of time etc etc but I’ll always do something movement or otherwise.

Eat the frog

Generally at that point I will sit down I might do some work trying to eat the Frog so to speak 20 30 minute task that is bothering me that is really difficult I’m trying to get that done and this is a new thing for me trying to get the difficult task done.  After that I might have my bulletproof coffee, or I might have a cold shower depending on the time of day.  Time restricted eating that’s a whole other topic, I’ll talk about that in a health related update at some point in the future.

Then I will start my day as normal.  For you if you’re still working you’re starting at 8:00 8:30 9 o’clock,  your morning routine might be a bit shrunken.  You might need to get up a lot earlier than then I do I have a lot more freedom as to when I can get up and go to bed et cetera.  Btw I highly recommend moving your bed time back I mean really what are you doing in the evenings think about it how valuable is that in comparison to how valuable this time in the mornings would be, to get here set straight for the day so that you can really achieve what you were planning to achieve that day.

You can fit so much more in if you’ve done all of these things in the morning you’ve achieved so much it is an incredible thing.

That is my morning routine I hope you got some value from that and I’ll see you on the other side of the next video.


Recommendations so far:

  • Unlimited Memory – Kevin Horsley – get it on Amazon AUS   UK  US
  • Four Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss  – get it on Amazon AUS   UK  US
  • Tools of Titans – Tim Ferriss – get it on Amazon AUS   UK  US
  • Four Hour Body- Tim Ferriss  – get it on Amazon AUS   UK  US
  • Wave Apps – great free book keeping/ categorising software that you can use for your personal life too.  Highly recommend it, free and good support.  Can run multiple businesses from it, or even a single person keeping an eye on where all that money went 😉
  • Pocketsmith  –  a subscription service that does the same job, has a lot more bells and whistles that are good if you like the pictures/ graphs and the like – more powerful auto categorisation engine.
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