October 2019 Round up

Has been a great month over here in the UK for the Lam-bies.

  1. Property
  2. Business
  3. Family
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Property Update

Newcastle – Not a lot has appeared to happen on this during October as it has been all behind the scenes writing tender documents, project management, talking to utilities etc. We have finalised the design, sent out the Tender and figured out the plan for water and electrical. Also discovered a really neat modern electric heating system that is super efficient 🙂

International House – A new project collaboration for an Office to Residential project in Bristol. Exciting times more here.


From 18 Oct:
Amazing week of meetings, investors and opportunities as we talked about International House fund raising. Jun is in Malaysia and Singapore and I have been in the UK, spent the day in London meeting with investors, other developers and budding property people. Always happy to help especially were I was just a few short months ago really.


From 18 Oct:
Been a single Dad this week. We survived ? almost the whole week. Has been challenging, and you know you have fallen into a role when you notice the kitchen floor actually gets dirty (haha never did before… Thank Jun)

We even made a volcano project together for Geography.

From 20 Sep:
We are having a hard time with Ethan at the moment, for some reason (12 year old boy), he is pushing us a lot at the moment as he breaks out to independence. He is going through a phase it seems, and it is a hard one on us, particularly me as a step parent, as he “blames” me for everything wrong in his life, which is unfortunate. We are grateful to have a huge learning opportunity: in managing difficult people, negotiation and asking for help/ getting what you want/ is best for people.


From 18 Oct:
Longevity and diet – have maintained waist while switching up my food plan to include more complex carbs and less animal fats (ie. butter) though have noticed a bit of drag in mental clarity. Could be sleep related as I have had some weird hours this week with travelling to London for a 1 day trip and also overseeing Jun’s trip causes some early mornings/ late nights.

From 24 Oct:
Nutrition is a hot topic in my mind, and a seriously contentious issue as I delve deeper into the different viewpoints from the different perspectives out there. The high fat/ low carb grain people I have been following for the last 2 years, the high protein/ atkins/ paleo like people before that and now looking more at the plant based/ longevity/ Mediterranean like diet that is being popularised by Documentaries like “What the Health” and the push towards plant based foods from animal welfare “Dominion” and environmental “Cowspiracy” on Netflix. Also the books like “How not to die”, “The Longevity Diet” and some I am yet to read like “The plant based solution” by Dr Joel Kahn, a cardiologist I just listened to and see go up head to head with Dave Asprey at Google.

From 20 Sep:
I made some headway this week on my goal to do the splits by the end of the year, however I am quite a way off. I feel in order to reach my goal I am going to have to do another stretching session, or even 2 extra per day.
I am already tracking many things, and increasing my organic food intake as we become more able to afford going beyond the “dirty dozen” which we have always followed.  Started Reservatol recently, a cheap and easy supplement that is supposed to encourage youthfulness. I am also considering taking metformin if it is possible to get easily, and there is now 20+ years of research showing it is safe, and tells the cells to repair instead of “age”


From 24 Oct:
Heard about the Aluminum based battery innovation in the UK – will tin can powered vehicles be around the corner? Grab a can of coke and stick it into the engine to power yourself for another 100 miles/k.

Also the influence of the Russians on the US elections (and others) using modern day free speech tools, bots and the like to falsely create “viral” “fake” news content. Some interesting ideas about more clearly identifying the source of likes and clicks, ie. having a “BS meter” on the viral content – which plays nicely into the idea I would love to see.


From 18 Oct:
Started “Reaching down the rabbit hole” which was a free Prime day download, gave it a try, and it is really interesting… Maybe my high level knowledge of the brain and it’s parts make a book about neurology interesting to me, especially right now as I delve deeper into understanding the psyche and the brain, and the effects food has on that.


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