Fifteenth Nov 2019


  • Property


Put 2 offers in this week! WooHoo! Some very nice properties, both banks, both exciting new project opportunities. One we actually plan to live in, with a co-working space and cafe below, it is a super exciting opportunity for our situation and we are hoping the offer is accepted so we can start work on that ASAP.


  • Fun


I went to visit a mate of mine in Budapest this past weekend (hence skipping a week) and it was really great to get away and have a big long catch up. We hung out with his new daughter mostly (1 year old) between sleeps as his partner was away and he was doing his first solo weekend. He did amazingly well, and his daughter is super cute. 

The previous weekend Jun and I caught up with a property mate in Liverpool for some amazing Vegan junk food at our new Liverpool favourite.


  • Food/ Being Vego


In Budapest it proved to be hard to be a vego, let alone vegan. We ordered food in and it was actually impossible not to get Vegan from several places… Definitely not a part of the culture there at all yet, some inner city areas have it. For the BBQ I made grilled aubergine/eggplant, courgette/zucchini and peppers on some delicious Hungarian bread. Not sure why Hungarian bread is so delicious, feels super healthy and heavy in a way that suggests more whole grain maybe – love to know if you do.


  • Reading – The Five Minute Rule – Miracle Equation


I finished the Miracle Equation last week. It was super insightful. The one main take away for me from the book, besides reinforcing a lot of existing beliefs about faith and hard work, was “the five minute rule”. The five minute rule is a simple psychological limit you put on yourself. If something goes wrong or upsets you – set a timer for 5 minutes, then be upset. After the timer goes off say “can’t change it” and accept the situation – move on. The “can’t change it” bit has certainly helped me a lot lately.

I also finished a hilarious book by David Sedaris – “Dress your family in Corduroy and Denim”


  • Watching – Game Changers?


So I haven’t watched Game Changers yet, but I have seen a stack of responses to it, which has been interesting. Then my Chiro told me I should watch it. He is not a Vegan and liked the way the doco describes the various ways the people used diet to recover from injury. Plan to watch it soon.

Some of videos I watched on the nutrition topic and game changers are:



Bonus – Fitness Videos I did this fortnight


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