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Another personal development “PD” book, free the genius was a a great one to read. This one was really good at re-enforcing some of the ideas and concepts from previous books and courses that I have done.

I especially liked the stories from the multiple generations of farmers the author came from. His grandfather practised some really great decision making in fashion, 3 outfits.  One for work, one for going to town and one for Sunday. I saw this as not only helping with decision fatigue, but also knowing if you are “at work” or “at play” – sometimes I forget to stop working, focus on the family or similar, so this concept really reminded me of having a time to turn off. When you work for yourself, from home, there is no barrier between home and work – so you need to create some psychological barriers to enable this.


Technically, this book was well put together, sections and chapters organised in a way that made it really readable and doable in sections, I read a section each day as part of my morning routine.

Favourite Quotes from “Free the Genius”

“His hack was this: He knew when he wasn’t working. The different clothes he wore in each situation were his reminder to think and act differently. Years later, Mr. Rogers employed a similar strategy. High performers know that regularly stepping away from their work is a highly productive move.”

Here are four reasons most people drop out of preparation: 1. Time: You definitely don’t have time for it. (You make time for it.) 2. Boredom: You’ll sometimes get bored with it. Or discouraged. 3. Solitude: You’ll probably be alone when you’re preparing. 4. Doubt: You’ll question whether it’s worth it when there’s no obvious benefit.” (from “Free the Genius: How the Very Best Grow Their Meaning, Mission, and Contribution” by David Martin)

Amazon have provided a nice link to take a sample of the book for yourself:

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