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net worth

Rich people focus on their net wealth.
Poor people focus on their working income.

This Millionaire Mind secret from T Harv Eker on why associating with the right people is so important.

Transcript of Focus on Net Worth

Hello Craig Lambie here with another life lesson from Craig. At the moment I am sharing all of the secrets of a millionaire mind from the book by the same name by Mr T Harv Eker. And today is Secret number 13. That is that

Rich people focus on their net worth; and
Poor people focus on their working income.

Now, what even is your net worth? Some of you probably haven’t even heard of the term because it is something that people of a financial mind would think of, and if you don’t have a financial mind then you really don’t have a rich mind, because not paying attention.

So basically your net worth is all of your assets, less all of your liabilities.

What is that number? Your net worth…

Now if you focus on that number, if you know what it is in the first place. Then you focus on it. Then you are focusing on growing it. The way to do that is to look at what you are investing your time, your money, your income and your other investments into. Because you want to grow your net worth. That way at some point your net worth will be at a point where you can sit back and be completely financially free. And that is the aim in life, for me, for us rich minded people.

For our millionaire mind people. That is what we want to do. We can reduce our monthly expenditure and increase our passive income and our net worth. And that is how to have a millionaire mind. I have a millionaire mind, you can too. I will see you on the next video.

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Over the last 6 years I have managed to find the love of my life and create a family, create a successful business and know when to quit (maybe a bit late) and moved into a lifestyle of investing. Currently working on a passive income to replace my previous income, we are about 50% of the way towards it) I am passionate about helping guys become more fullfilled in their life by addressing micro problems one at a time in the sphere of Health, Wealth and Wisdom.

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