Day 7 – Focus on your health – 21 Day Challenge

Action focus on health – get out that food diary and take a look over the last few days – what is one thing you could change?  Could you reduce sugar, or increase nutrition? Could you just pay attention more?

More on the 21 day challenge here.

Transcript of Health Focus video:

Hello and welcome to day 7 of this 21 day challange.  If you need to know more today I’m going to talk about actions in fact the theme for the next few videos is about  actions that you’re going to take that’s the challenge ok so today we’re going to talk about health little story about three years ago somebody introduced me to the 4-hour body by Tim Ferriss thought it was a brilliant idea started the slow carb diet thinking I want to change my energy across the day over the last two and a half or so years I’ve been practicing a slow carb a and more recently a keto diet and it’s been an amazing change the keto is what works for me I do this cyclic eat ketosis from some from Dave Asprey some other nutritionists that I look at amazing what you can do then you focus on your nutritional inputs on your energy levels across the day imagine not having the two o’clock or the three o’clock you know afternoon slump can you imagine if that just went away oh that is a beautiful thing okay so the action that you’re going to take today is find how you went with the food diary maybe did you take the action did you do that to do actually action it may be your action today is to do the food diary for a few days or review your food diary and see what micro decision you could make what some decision that you could make to change your inputs okay to change something maybe it’s going major and going and swapping out your breakfast for a high-protein breakfast in this like the slow carb diet suggests maybe it’s switching to high fat which is a whole process and that’s a big jump there’s a whole other 21 day challenge so that I would suggest for that so just take a micro decision today just something some small thing that you can do what’s the action that you’re going to today okay that’s all for this video I’ll see you in the next one.


  • Four Hour Body- Tim Ferriss  – get it on Amazon AUS   UK  US
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