System changes we could help make happen for the climate

I recently posted this as a comment on this LinkedIn post, and thought it might be useful to post here.

As recycling and eating less meat is just not enough anymore.

  • Move 100% of your pension into a green investment fund
    • Make sure you get to vote on board decisions
  • Move to a bank that doesn’t support Oil and Gas exploration
  • Support a local councillor that wants decarbonise your local neighbourhood
  • Buy your next car/ sofa/ supermarket shop from a store that has a 2030 carbon neutral policy
  • Write to your local MP supporting Stop Oil
  • Install an EV charge point if you have a driveway and put it on CoCharger network for anyone to use
  • Make sure your office/work buys 100% renewable power
  • Influence your workplace to consider their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions
  • Next house/office or car built with 100% green concrete / steel
  • Convert an old banger to EV and sell it to someone that needs a “cheap” car

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