Working with Craig

You might admire the challenges that Craig has done, or even envy some of the giant leaps that Craig has taken, that is a great first step to wanting some of the courage it takes to do that.

Thanks for taking a look at this page, and awesome that you are interested in working with Craig.  Craig helps guys over 30 get their proverbial together and improve their lives beyond measure, and would love to help you do that too.

The first step, you would think is asking for help – but alas not today.  The first step is to show yourself that you are truly committed to making a change.

So here are some options:

  • Do a health based challenge
  • Do a wealth based challenge
  • Do a wisdom based challenge
  • Do Craig’s start PD challenge

You can’t just think I will do it by going off to do it – here is the first coaching you are going to get from Craig – commit to it.  Put some skin in the game. 

Really commit!

  1. Use a commitment helper like Stikk, Lifetick or Beeminder*.
  2. Share your commitment with (please don’t email me here)
  3. Complete your commitment
  4. One completion of your commitment, Craig will get in touch with you to reward your success and commitment.


* Not affiliated or recommending any service, please do your own due diligence, these links are just saving you googling them, I have not used any personally, just read about them and the benefits it has seen.  Tim Ferriss has recommended Stikk.

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