Going Digital – receipts

Receipts are the bane of my existence. I really hate it when someone offers me a “receipt” as the little piece of paper from the card machine that just proves I paid for something. I mean sure, by definition it is a receipt – but not something useful for submitting to someone that cares – like your local tax agent.

A receipt is a tax invoice showing paid – IMO!

And getting a nice digital one is key to this modern world of expense reports and tracking our lives.

I had an idea to do this, and in my research discovered a great company that has developed a great method already to do it!


Given that, we ask for a digital receipt always, and sometimes get one, afterwards by email.
I would love to see this being offered as the first option.
There might be some kickback on non loyalty member customers in giving out personal information, like phone or email addresses maybe?
I had this idea recently, as a techy, and thought it can’t be that hard.
Turns out it is a bit hard to integrate with the POS system, but someone has done it really well.
They are called 1Receipt.
A Melbourne based start up no less.
They have made it really simple to default to digital receipts – with absolutely no fuss.
An online account and a small software install on your side gives you a dashboard and integration with most POS systems.
I was really impressed.
It is even easier on the customer side – scan a barcode, instant receipt in app/ web stored.
No phone / email issues. And customer loyalty recorded… so save time reading out the details for that too, prone to someone overhearing someone’s phone number for example.
So, long story short. I have asked them to give you a deal. They will give you 4 months completely free, including a bar code reader and full installation and integration from their tech team.
Just enter partner code CLE into the registration screen found on retailer.1receipt.io. Or check out the details of the product at 1receipt.io
I would love to know your thoughts on making digital receipts a part of your business as a leader in waste reduction, it would be a perfect fit to lead the way 🙂